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Did you know... ...that Sample Champion can be used to analyze and optimize your home Hi-Fi system?




























































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Sample Champion

NOTE: The online store has been closed since 2006.
This site is kept for information purposes only.

Sample Champion Vr. 3.8

Trial version
available for download.

Many exciting functions have been added!

Read about the new features here.

Updated PDF User Manual (4.23 MB)

A complete list of all Sample Champion features here.

Sample Champion is fully compatible with
WINDOWS 7 32/64bit, VISTA™ 32/64 bit,
XP HOME or PRO and
Windows 98 operating systems

NEW: Available for download a small utility for converting Impedance files saved by Sample Champion to the standard ZMA format.
Read more..

X4 and X2

USB soundcards from PUREBITS!


Click here to read full


USB Soundcard review: "It's truly great! I have tried it out several times and each time I'm blown away with how well it works, as well as the superb recording it can make when coupled with inexpensive Panasonic mic capsules!" >

Sample Champion Video Tutorials

They can be freely watched online or downloaded for offline use.


Latest User reviews:
"A very good tool. Highly recommended for professionals and amatures who is into loudspeaker design and installations. Works well with laptops too with USB sound card (like X2 and X4), and an inexpensive measurement microphone such as Behringer's ECM8000. A complete measurement system for a fraction of the cost you might pay for other tools with less features and flexibility".

"Quite simply awesome! Have used it to design a speaker for my office which came out terrific. Also used it to tweak the triamped speakers that I designed for my church. One is a center long throw for voice and a stereo setup on the sides. SC was quick and very accurate.."
Read more.

NEW: Microphone comparison. Read more.

NEW: Sample Champion has been used and reviewed in the Das PC Tonstudio book. Read more.

NEW: Sample Champion has been reviewed in the Australian Hi-Fi Magazine, Number 2, Volume 35, April/May 2004. Read more.

NEW: Sample Champion has been used for all the measurements in the book Ribbon Loudspeakers by Justus V. Verhagen. Read more.

NEW: A step by step guide for the Amplitude Calibration procedure. Click here.

NEW: See Sample Champion in action! Some images of the audio laboratory of one of our customers, Rolf Urbanke.
Click here


NEW: A sound card can be used for serious acoustical measurements? This is the question..
A measurement comparison between measurements done with Sample Champion and a sound card and the well known MLS measurement system MLSSA (hardware based) gives the answer. Read or download the comparison here (PDF file).

NEW: Read a review of Sample Champion by Charles Miltenberger from Vidsonix (the manufacturer of the Virtual Crossover Box). Click here to read the full review

NEW: Some measurements on a very good soundcard: the RME 96/8 PST. Excellent frequency response!

First results of our tests of the Vidsonix Virtual Crossover Box...

NEW: The EGO-SYS U24 USB Audio Interface, evolution of the U24, has been tested with Sample Champion. Read more...

Phase check in a car Louspeaker system using Sample Champion. Read the full story..

NEW: The EGO-SYS U2A USB Audio Interface page has been updated with some new tests and comparisons. Click here for more information about this sound card.

NEW: The Manual updated to Vr.2.5 is ready. Click here to download (about 4.6 MB).

NEW: How can be used the utility RemoteSC, included in the download package, for starting from an external software a measurement in Sample Champion and saving the measured Impulse Response? Download the answer here (example and source code in Delphi, freely usable).

User Reviews. Read some comments and opinions from Sample Champion users. Click here.

NEW: Sample Champion supports WDM audio drivers. Using these drivers can lead to some advantages. Read more here.

We are testing the EGO-SYS U2A USB Audio Interface with Sample Champion. It seems to be compatible: an excellent solution for laptop users. [NEW] Click here for more information about this sound card.

Six plugins are available for Sample Champion, our software designed for high precision acoustic measurements. They are included in the setup package.
They are:

(1) This plugin is FREEWARE

Download last updated version 2.5. Read about added features.


Configuration tips:
Most common problems (and solutions)
(read on-line)
Download Faq, Tips and Most common problems and solutions as a single PDF file: click here
Netscape users: Shift-click to download
Explorer users: Click right mouse button and to select "Save" to download


With Sample Champion you'll be able to measure the Impulse Response of a room, or analyze loudspeaker frequency Responses with just a mouse click. Never before it has been so simple to perform measurements using the MLS (Maximum Length Sequence) method.

Sample Champion Screenshot

Sample Champion Screenshot
(Click for a larger image)



Sample Champion requires Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4 and a full-duplex audio sound card. To learn more about program features and specifications click here. Moreover, Sample Champion is expandable, by using especially created software modules (plug-ins), to perform DSP operations in time and frequency domains. The Pro version can manage MLS lengths up to 256K samples, spectrum operations and double precision FFT up to 64K points, custom sample rate from 5 kHz to 96 kHz (depending on the sound card hardware), averaged and repeated measurements, data windowing, pre-filtering of the MLS signal and post-filtering on sampled data. It can load and save Impulse Response files in TIM (MLSSA™) format.

Examples of measurements performed by using Sample Champion:

Example of 2 Channels Impulse Response Measurement
Example of Impulse Response data windowing
Example of Scope data (2 Channels)
Example of Frequency Analysis (Power Spectrum)
Example of 1/3 Octave Spectrum
Example of Phase Analysis
Example of Frequency Analysis (2 tones at 19 kHz and 20 kHz)
Example of monotonicity Analysis
Example of Transfer Function measurement
Example of Transfer Function measurement
Example of Transfer Function measurement
Example of Transfer Function measurement

(Click on thumbnails to see a larger image)

More examples can be found in the Application notes section.

Take a closer look and don't miss to download and try yourself the fully working trial version!

NEW: Audio Quality Plugin released! This module is included in the setup package and performs SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), THD and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion), IMD (Intermodulation Distortion) measurements. It is fully working (in demo mode, the computed data cannot be exported to the clipboard). Click here for more information...

NEW: Filter Banks Plugin released! This module allows to approximate BUTTERWORTH and CHEBYSHEV low-pass, band-pass and high-pass analog filters by means of IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) digital filters. Moreover two banks of IEC 1260 Octave and 1/3 Octave Filter Banks are implemented as presets. This module can be used to filter a measured or loaded impulse response and the computed coefficients can be exported for further use.
It is offered as FREEWARE!
Click here for more information...

Waterfall plot plugin released! This module computes and plots (see the figure below) a 3D Cumulative Spectral Decay of an impulse response. This is an invaluable information for evaluating loudspeaker and box resonances. Many options are available.
Click here for more information...

Waterfall (Cumulative Spectral Decay) Plot

NEW: Room Acoustics plugin released! This module computes and plots many acoustical parameters, such as Reverberation Time, Early Decay Time, Definition, Clarity and Centre Time. Many options and features are available. Click here for more information...

NEW: Enhanced View plugin released! This module extends the Impulse Response view modes and analysis. New features include Energy Time Curve, Spectrogram, Nyquist Plot, Phase Unwrapping, Minimum and Excess Phase computation and Minimum Phase Impulse Response Plot.
It is offered as FREEWARE!
Click here for more information...

Impulse Response Spectrogram Plot

NEW: Impedance and Thiele-Small plugin released! This module computes and plots loudspeaker impedance and allows the computation of Thiele-Small parameters. Many options and features are available. Click here for more information...

NEW: Sample Champion User Manual is now available as single printable PDF file . Click here.
Last updates (now included in the manual) can be browsed on-line:
What's new in version (latest update)
What's new in version and (previous update)
What's new in version (previous update)

In download section you will found also our FREE Windows Wallpaper for your Desktop!

Added 4 new Application notes.
Read about latest additions in Sample Champion here.

See other Test and Measurement sites in the link section.

If you want to be notified of product updates or new releases, just send us an email.
Read our Privacy Statement for more information).


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