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spectrum analyzer software

Sample Champion


  • Sampling options

    Input buffer length 4K up to 256K samples
    Sampling rates 5 kHz up to 192 kHz
    16/24 bit, 2 channels, full-duplex operations
    or asynchronous sampling modes
    average 1 to 4096 cycles
    time domain average, frequency domain average
    Remove offset from sampled data option
    Measure logging
    Real-time impulse response monitoring (unique feature)

  • MLS / Signal Generator

    MLS length 1K up to 256K samples (20 types) (3)
    Polarity inversion option
    Built-in Signal Generator: Multiple pure tones, Square,
    Ramp, Custom signal from a WAV file
    The internal Signal Genarator is Synchronous with
    the signal recorded in input. The frequency of the
    generated signal is optimized for the current sample
    rate and FFT size, allowing very accurate measurements
    (no "picket fence" effect)

  • FFT and Analysis

    FFT length 1K up to 64K samples
    Rectangular, Bartlett, Blackman-Harris, Hanning,
    Hamming, Blackman data windowing
    Full, half-right, half-left window type
    2 independent data selections and FFT of
    Impulse Response data
    1 independent data selection and FFT of Scope data
    Show weighting window over selection
    Optional phase shifting capability
    Transfer function measurement option
    Easy set, move, change windowing (WYSIWYG)
    IFT (Inverse Fourier Transform) function
    Energy Time Curve, Spectrogram, Nyquist Plot,
    Phase Unwrapping, Minimum and Excess Phase [EVP]
    Cross-Spectrum, Coherence,
    Cross-Correlation, Auto-Correlation, Correlation
    Meter, Stereo Check
    Audio Quality functions: SNR, THD, THD+N, IMD [RTA]
    3D Cumulative Spectral Decay (Waterfall) [WPP]
    Reverberation Time (T60), Early Decay Time, Definition,
    Clarity, Centre Time, Log Squared Plot,
    Schroeder Plot,
    Step Response Plot, Cumulative Energy Plot [RAP]
    Loudspeaker Electrical Impedance measurement,
    Thiele-Small parameters computation, Magnitude,
    Phase and Nyquist Plot of measured Impedance [IP]

    [EVP]: Enhanced View plugin
    [RTA]: Real Time Analyzer
    [WPP]: Waterfall plot plugin
    [RAP]: Room Acoustics plugin
    [IP]: Impedance and Thiele-Small plugin

  • Compensation (equalization) and calibration

    Measure chain compensation: divide or multiply
    calculated FFT by another spectrum
    MLS compensation: divide or multiply MLS spectrum
    by another spectrum
    MLS narrow-band high-precision pink filter (5)
    Free field Impulse Response selection and overlay
    Latency time calibration (Fixed and Automatic
    latency compensation)
    Amplitude calibration: Peak, RMS, SPL (dB) mode, using
    internal or external source (standard calibrator)
    Microphone compensation: Spline method or
    of Calibration file from Microphone Manufacturer
    Frequency weighting (A, B, C, U, AU curves)

  • Edit / View options

    Multiple windows views
    Frequency windows options: linear, logarithmic,
    1/1 octave, 1/3 octave frequency axis; phase, real
    part, imaginary part, magnitude (module, power,
    dB power) amplitude axis
    View values of time and frequency domain data
    X zoom, Y zoom, adjustable graph offset
    Autoscale feature
    Rounded or raw dB scale
    Frequency Data Overlay

  • Load / Save options

    Save Impulse Response and Scope as IRE (proprietary
    format, 80 bit floating point data), export as
    TIM (MLSSA™), WAV (PCM 16, 32 bit and IEEE 32 and
    64 bit floating point), ASCII TXT files
    Save Frequency files as SPE (proprietary format), export
    as TXT and FRD files
    Load IRE, SPE, WAV (PCM 16, 24, 32 bit and IEEE 32 and
    64 bit floating point), TIM (MLSSA™), ASCII TXT, FRD files
    Export Impulse Response, Scope, Frequency graph picture
    Load / Save settings configuration files
    Load / Save geometry configuration files
    Export Time and Frequency data in XLS (Excel™) format

  • Real Time Analyzer

    Transfer function
    Correlation Meter
    Stereo Check
    Audio Quality functions
    SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
    THD and THD+N (Total Harmonic distortion)
    IMD (Intermodulation Distortion)

  • Post Processing functions

    Impulse Response
    Reverse Impulse Response
    Normalize Impulse Response Peak
    Find and subtract Impulse Response Offset
    Wrap Impulse Response
    Increase / Decrease / Normalize FFT Spectrum Magnitude
    Smooth Spectrum Data
    File Operations, Position-Weighting associations TXT file
    Spectra Merge (Nearfield, Farfield measurements merge)
    Microphone Weighting (and Inverse) of Impulse Response
    Frequency Weighting (and Inverse) of Impulse Response
    Pink Filtering (and Inverse) of Impulse Response
    Clear all Data Buffers

  • Other features

    Expandable features using special purpose Plug-ins (6)
    Total Power Computation
    Quality control on the measured spectrum
    Sampling information window with measurement history
    Remote control bar
    Error prevention routines
    "Blinded" sampling mode (see manual and F.A.Q.)
    The whole program is native 32-bit coded


  • Waterfall plot (plugin)

    3D Cumulative Spectral Decay

  • Room Acoustics (plugin)

    Reverberation Time
    Early Decay Time
    Centre Time
    Log Squared Plot

    Schroeder Plot
    Step Response Plot
    Cumulative Energy Plot
    Implements Inverse Schroeder Integration
    Export computed ISO 3382 acoustical parameters
    (1/1 and 1/3 Octave ) as XLS (Excel™) file
    Optional automatic noise compensation
    Optional manual 1/1 and 1/3 octave filtering

  • Enhanced View (freeware plugin)

    Energy Time Curve
    Nyquist Plot
    Phase Unwrapping
    Minimum and Excess Phase Impulse Response
    Minimum Phase Impulse Response Plot
    Phase editing options

  • Filter Banks (freeware plugin)

    BUTTERWORTH and CHEBYSHEV IIR digital filter
    IEC 1260 Octave and 1/3 Octave Filter Banks
    Computation of the IIR filter coefficients, available
    for further use (example given)

  • Audio Quality (plugin)

    NOTE: these functions are now included in main program!
    This plugin is still available but no more supported

  • Impedance and Thiele-Small (plugin)

    Loudspeaker Electrical Impedance measurement
    Thiele-Small parameters computation
    Magnitude, Phase, NyquIst Plot of measured Impedance

(1) Maximum input buffer length 4K in light version
(2) Maximum Sampling rate 48 kHz in light version

(3) Maximum MLS length 4K in light version
(4) Maximum FFT size 4K in light version

(5) Pink filter not available in light version
(6) Plugins not available in light version

Sample Champion is available in two versions: Light and Pro.
Some features are limited in the Light version.

Comparative chart between "Pro" and "Light" versions

Max input buffer length
4K samples
256k samples
Maximum allowed Sampling rate (*)
48 kHz
192 kHz
Maximum MLS length
4K samples
256k samples
Maximum FFT size
4K points
64K points
Pink Filter
Special purpose plugins capabilities

(*) If allowed from the audio device

Download now the trial version! Click here.

User Reviews. Read some comments and opinions from Sample Champion users. Click here.


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