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Known issues
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We had a problem sampling with TurlteBeach Pinnacle and length of the input buffer equal to 16K samples (with pure tones or custom waves, NOT MLS signal). The problem is certainly due to a bug in the Pinnacle drivers, since it is not present with other audio cards. Solution: if you experience this problem, avoid that input length (use instead 8K or 32K).
- This problem does not affect MLS measurements (impulse response) because when a 16K MLS signal is selected, the actual input length is 16K-1 samples.

Windows 2000 seems to be very stable and suitable for audio measurement software. But some precautions must be taken:
- We found that W2K does not "inform" audio software of the correct maximal sampling frequency allowable for a specific sound card. The consequence is that, when a sampling frequency not allowable is selected, the system could not respond (in this case try stopping the non responding application with Task Manager). This affects all audio software and not only Sample Champion. Solution: see your sound card manual to learn the maximal allowable sampling frequency.
- Another minor problem we found concerns the audio mixer of W2000: for some audio devices, the "Enable"-"Disable" checkboxes are
inverted. Solution: with Sample Champion, make some test measurements and check the input level meters to see if the signal IN/OUT are correctly selected.

Troubles have been noticed during the concomitant execution of Sample Champion and other programs when a reduced disk space (less than about 100 MB) is available. This happens because Windows creates a swap file (Win386.swp, usually located inside the Windows directory) for emulating the memory required by specific programs (when not present as RAM). The disk space required by Sample Champion (when all RAM memory is used by other software) is about 70 MB or more, depending by settings and opened plugins. If this free disk space is not available, Sample Champion will not work properly and will terminate with unexpected errors. The symptoms are error messages such as Plugin_default not found and other fatal errors during startup. Solution: Leave at least 200 MB of free space on the disk where the Windows swap file is allocated. Close any other software before starting Sample Champion (this is always recommended).

The loop-back test with the PCMCIA soundcard VxPocket sometimes fails. Please, when using this soundcard, avoid the loop-back connection. The Latency Time Calibration can be adjusted placing a microphone very near to the loudspeaker cone, instead of connecting directly the input to the output.

The USB U2A soundcard works fine with Sample Champion. Read some additional notes here.

The Creative SBLive soundcard works internally at 48 kHz, whatever is the user sampling frequency. For optimal measurements, use Sample Champion only at 48 or 24 kHz with this soundcard.


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