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User Reviews

From Robert Thompson, about X4 soundcard

Just wanted to send you an email to say once again, "thank you very much," for the great USB mic preamp you sent to me! It's truly great! I have tried it out several times and each time I'm blown away with how well it works, as well as the superb recording it can make when coupled with inexpensive Panasonic mic capsules!


From Grant K. Okamura

Quite simply awesome! Have used it to design a speaker for my office which came out terrific. Also used it to tweak the triamped speakers that I designed for my church. One is a center long throw for voice and a stereo setup on the sides. SC was quick and very accurate. Having long Buffer Lengths really helps in an auditorium. Used it to align the delay to the balcony speakers. With the Tascam US-122 I could use the auditorium wiring to setup microphone in front and connect to the 122 in the balcony where the mixer and DBX Driverack is located. Very convenient. IMP doesn't work on my new laptop that runs XP.

From Ryuji Yonemoto

A very good tool. Highly recommended for professionals and amatures who is into loudspeaker design and installations. Works well with laptops too with USB sound card (like X2 and X4), and an inexpensive measurement microphone such as Behringer's ECM8000. A complete measurement system for a fraction of the cost you might pay for other tools with less features and flexibility

From Justus Verhagen

"Sample Champion has proven to be an exceptionally good buy. Not only is the base program very well disigned (powerful, yet userfriendly interface), the plug-ins allowed me to make any measurement I have ever needed. Support over the three years has been as good as it gets, including automatic e-mails when new versions arrived and free donwloads thereoff. It worked very reliably with my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI card, as well as with the EgoSys U24 USB card with various laptops (starting at PII 300MHz 200MB RAM). Whether you're an audio-engineer or audio DIYer, I highly recommend Sample Champion to you. If you do get it, why not also treat yourself on Joe D'Appolito's excellent "Testing Loudspeakers" book? All you'll ever need for speaker testing."


From Ryuji Yonemoto

We've completed a design of our first product using SC. The tool was reliable, easy to use, and indispensable.


From Richard Blizard

Of all the US$600 and under MLS/FFT based measurement software that I tested, Sample Champion is the most stable and consistent. With proper calibration it seems to be very accurate. It is one of the very few that work well on a laptop.


From Kees Beurskens

Pretty good programming.


From Eric L. Carmichel

Seems like a good system, but I'm still in the "experimentation" phase of a thesis project. Still building my personal arsenal of laboratory microphones (B&K) and other hardware.


From Horst Zander

Very good.


From yair tammam

The best MLS on sound card in the market.


From Nave, Stefan

It's for me a very useful tool to measure the objective acoustic quality of a room.


From Marco Bagna

Good interesting software


From Eugenio Collados
Great, except for the odd name. It performs smoothly for measuring most of ISO 3382 parameters. A wide range of settings and display options offer the flexibility required for both quick surveys and detailed analysis of rooms.


From Thomas Crill

It's a good product and very helpful in measuring and adjusting the motor speeds in cassette player's by using the frequency domain spectrum analyser in the time domain.


From Arthur Vered
Good, handy program


From Michal Frydrysiak

Really excellent. Perhaps not a perfect program, but which one is?


From David Thrower

Excellent value, very repeatable measuring system. Intuitive user interface and easier to get results fast compared to the more expensive systems I use.


From Robert Thompson

Very good program.


From Dave Alcorn

Its good, I wish I had more time to really explore the limits of some of the components. I suspect that I havent yet found a way to fully exploit the power of the software.


From Uwe Kirchfeld,,
Very nice. As far as I have seen, this program substitutes a Poratable Plus , TEF20 and many other programs. The price is incredible low. Keep on the good work with further plug-ins.


From Paulo Prado Valadares Ribeiro



From Donald Walizer



From Andre Perreault


From Ken Kantor

Nice product. Very useful for general speaker work.


From Mike Daley

An excellent program for the price. I've told / demo'd the product to several other students & professors, All of whom have been highly impressed.






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